Contributing to Logstash

Hello everyone,

I would like to contribute to the logstash project. But, I can't find any ideas related to Logstash on the list. Some of the high hanging open issues, I found were here. Are there any other ideas related to Logstash which I could dive into?

This one looks interesting. But are you all planning to work on this?


Any updates on this? @xeraa

Sorry for the delay! We're at our annual conference in San Francisco right now and everybody has been super busy with this.

The good thing is that @yaauie from the Logstash team volunteered to mentor projects. We'll get back to you early next week with more specific project ideas (I hope :sweat_smile:).

I'll be submitting a PR on our GSOC ideas repo shortly for the ideas I have on the Logstash projects, and will follow up here after. :grin:

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Awesome! Have fun at the conference! :champagne: :elasticheart:

Thanks, @yaauie! Looking forward to the project! :smile:

@hvardhan thanks for your patience! Ry has now added (thanks for that as well!).

Let us know what you think about that.

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@yaauie I have been looking at different discussions and pull requests related to Java Plugin API (#7986).

  • What are the popular plugins that you are looking to support? We could pick plugins from each type (Input, Output, Filter, and Codec). Here's a list of plugins sorted according to stars.
  • What's the current status of the Java Plugin API?
  • Which approach are you all going to follow for the Java Plugin API? Are you all planning to use annotations based approach or try something else?
  • We can test the API using other JVM languages like Kotlin, Scala. This would encourage developers from other languages to write a logstash plugin.
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Hello @hvardhan.

The point of the project is to exercise the API, not necessarily to support a specific subset of the existing plugins; we would want a variety of inputs, outputs, filters, and codecs to ensure that each of those APIs was well-exercised. Selecting a variety of pre-existing plugins gives us a pretty good idea of the types of configurations plugins expose to the Logstash Pipeline Configuration format, which should help shape the needs of the API.

There is a Work-In-Progress PR, along with a lot of discussion -- you can take a look at the current approach to build context.

And, because the point of the project is to shape the API, we want to exercise it as much as possible; if the API makes writing plugins in alternate first-class JVM languages unreasonably difficult or awkward, that information may help us to iterate on the API in a way that makes it less awkward overall. Writing the exact same plugin against the API in multiple languages could be a great way to find where it needs to improve :slight_smile:


I have added a draft proposal. Please take a look and let me know what you think. :slight_smile: