Contribute to Logstash open source project

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I know somebody has asked this already but they had GSOC project and I don't.

I'm interested in becoming a contributor to Logstash. I've read the documentation on Logstash's GitHub repo. Since there are 0 tasks currently under "adoptme" and "low hanging fruit" labels I'd like to ask n00b questions.

I see that main language for Logstash project is Ruby but other programming languages are mentioned there as well. Which one is preferred i.e. which one person should know or learn? I have some Ruby knowledge but have to refresh it.

How can a beginner contributor explain himself/herself Logstash internals i.e. Logstash repo in order he/she could understand to what is he/she contributing to and why?

Do you have any further recommendations for a person where to start from? Do you have any online meetups where a person could learn from you guys? I asked similar question on Logstash IRC but maybe I have chosen a wrong time to do that.

If Logstash is not the project for contribution then please point me to another one which is. :slight_smile:

I am asking all of these questions here because I'd like to know Logstash in more details and contribute. I was thinking the same for the Elasticsearch but I know 0 about Java and that would take way longer.

I have recently expressed an interest for work at Elastic to one of your recruiters but I cannot afford the Elastic cert so I am guessing open source contribution to one part of the Elastic stack is a much better and affordable route.

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Sorry if I ask too much,

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