Control Panel: Size option

Hi, i'm creating a Dashboard in Kibana in wich i want to insert some control panels. In the options of these control there is the voice "Size" wich limitate the number of items shown in the control panel. I just want to see all the items without limitation. The number of Items wll increase in time so i can't select manually the size anytime.

I notice also that, when the item is a varchar type, in the control panel i can see just a part of the total number of items. I don't understand why the control panel keep just some of them and discard the rest.
Is there a way to avoid the effect of the Size option?


Hey @qttv!
I think that if you select Dymanic options, then all available options will render

Of course, this is not available for all types. Controls have some limitations at the moment but it is planned to improve them and give more capabilities. You can see the roadmap here!

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