Kibana control limitation

using Kibana 8.5.3

new control can only show 10 value. How do I change that to see more value?

in old control it was working

Hmm, Interesting ... I see the same, It is meant to be typeahead ... you should see the little number indicating the total number of different options. I do not see a way to specify more, perhaps someone else knows.

Anyone else?

wow no one from elastic has answer for it. I might just have to use old control viz.

If I'm not wrong this is by the design, it now shows the total of options in the time range specified and will change the options listed according to which was typed.

In my opinion this is a huge improvement as the old control always seemed unfinished and constantly times out if you have a field with great cardinality.

You may suggest a feature request in Github to allow a setting to show more than 10 options, but currently this is only possible in the old control, which is deprecated.

I have open git enhancement issue

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