Dropdown list control limited to 10 inputs


In Kibana 7.3, I use several control dropdowns that are chained together with parent control + dynamic options.

The last one is set to dynamic options and returns usually more than 10 results.

However, the display is limited to 10. A work around is to type directly in the field the missing field value but it requires to know it in advance.

I cannot afford to switch off dynamic option and set a manual limit for two reasons :

  • The size is variable depending on the previous dropdown selections
  • It loose the filtering interest and will most likeky display fields not falling into the selection of the previous dropdowns

I could not find a way to increase this 10 fields display limit in advanced settings.
Is there a way of doing it ?

Thank you,


I think the only options we offer for this are kibana.autocompleteTimeout and kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter in kibana.yml: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/settings.html

Thank you. I did try to increase these settings with no success. It seems that there is an override on this limiting to 10 anyway.

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