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I'm trying to create filters to apply to my dashboards. However, in this version of Kibana (6.5), when we create the controls, in some fields of type keyword the size that we define (in the Dynamic Options) is not being applied.
I also tried to change the "fieldpopularlimit" but it made no difference.

For example:
We have a field with 7 possible values and it only shows one (the one with most records).

Also, even when i try to define filters in the dashboard only one of the 7 appears as possible value.

This was working in the last version of Kibana.
Anyone can help me?
Thank you

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Is it possible some of the values for the input control are automatically being filtered out by the current time range for the dashboard?

For example, the value foo might not appear if the dashboard is set to "Last 15 minutes" and all documents containing that value occurred 16 or more minutes ago.

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, it does not fit my problem.
The stranger thing about this problem it's that this only happen with some attributes. Imagine one field that in a table visualization has 5 possible values. When this field is in controls, only one possible value appears, which is the one with more documents. Even changing the size, in the dynamic options or in the kibana settings, nothing changes. I think that probably it can be related to the dispersion of the data in this field, or the first indexed documents are related with the only option that appears.
Do you know something else I can do?
Thank you!

You can check the actual query sent to Elasticsearch in the Network tab of your web browser dev tools. Knowing which query is running and the response might give you an idea why the values are limited.

If all the expected values are returned from Elasticsearch but do not appear in the control values or the query sent to Elasticsearch is wrong then it may be a bug in Kibana. You can submit a bug report as a new issue on the Kibana GitHub repository.

Thank you for the tip. Kibana is limiting the total hits in 500000, so the possible values are only the ones in that range of documents, as can be seen in the figure below.

I searched and found another person with the same issue (, any prediction on when it will be solved? Do you know any way to change this limit?

Thank you!

Problem solved in this new version of Kibana! Thank you!

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