Controls still not showing all possibilities

I ran into this post and this post about the issue of the controls visualization not showing all possible values.

I have a lot of documents in my index, but not many distinct values in the desired field:

"aggregations" : {
    "MaanedsNavn" : {
      "doc_count_error_upper_bound" : 0,
      "sum_other_doc_count" : 0,
      "buckets" : [
          "key" : "Maj",
          "doc_count" : 233767
          "key" : "April",
          "doc_count" : 232518
          "key" : "Januar",
          "doc_count" : 221372
          "key" : "Juni",
          "doc_count" : 215444
          "key" : "Februar",
          "doc_count" : 201171
          "key" : "Marts",
          "doc_count" : 79964
          "key" : "Juli",
          "doc_count" : 65474
        }      ]    }

And my controls are only picking up on 4 of them:

Is the only solution really to change the timeout for all of Kibana just to get this single visualization working? If so, can someone advice on how to safest do this in Elastic Cloud?

Hi, does the time range selected in the upper righthand date filter make any difference? The terms that appear in the selection must be present in the filtered data shown on the dashboard.

Yes, the screenshot is from a time filter including all the data in the data set.
As I understand it, the way Elastic queries to get the distinct values, it takes documents until it timeouts/ the max doc count is reached.
And I would think it possible to make a distinct search as I can do in the console, but maybe it's more complicated than I think?

Hi Mia Unfortunately you are correct and it's not possible to change the limit used by this distinct search in order to make sure all values are returned. Looks like you are indeed running into the timeouts: see discussion in

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