Kibana Controls Does not Show All Possible Values


I am using Kibana 6.6.0. In that, I am trying to create controls based on the distinct possible values of a particular filed. Now, all the distinct possible values are not shown in the controls.

I have also created a table in my dashboard to populate the count of all the distinct possible values of that filed. Strange thing is that, I am getting all the possible values in that table, but not in the controls. (For example, I am getting 15 distinct possible values in the table, but in controls, it is showing only 5 values).

I have also checked the network tab to check the total number of hits. It is not limited to any value (as mentioned in this issue Controls do not show all possible values) and populates all the docs.

So what could be the reason behind this?

This issue is creating a lot of problems in visualization and needs to be resolved at earliest.

Thank You !

Hi @pulkit007 -- Have you tried increasing the size on the control to be greater than 5?

I was using Dynamic Options enabled. I disabled it and changed size to 500. Still there is inconsistency.

I am getting 15 distinct possible values in the table but only 8 in pod controls.

It depends on the number of documents that you have in your index.
The controls visualization set the option terminate_after to request Elasticsearch.
This option (100000 by default) limits the number of search hits per shard.
So, it's possible that these 100000 documents don't contain all your values.

You have two solutions to get all your values :

  • change this value directly in the Kibana code
  • migrate to Kibana 7.X that allow you to change this value by setting the parameter kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter in the configuration file

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