Kibana warning on control visualization: "Terms list might be incomplete ..."

Using Elastic Cloud with 7.6.2 and Kibana 7.6.2.

When opening any control visualization or a dashboard which uses the control visualization, I get the warning below.

The example cited here has exactly two terms, not dozens or hundreds.

The control renders fast enough, so I don't know what request is "taking too long".

When I look at the two autocomplete timeout settings (as documented) they both seem quite reasonable.

Is there perhaps another underlying cause?

In your case there is no issue it all, the warning is just telling there might be an issue.

To populate this dropdown, Elasticsearch goes through all of your documents to see what terms are possible. When you have a lot of data, this can take quite a while which breaks the intended user experience of filters. This is why this request will time out early and just give you what it found so far, trading off performance and accuracy.

It basically says that it didn't look everywhere and there might be additional items it didn't found. If you know for sure there are no items missing, you can just ignore it.

OK, thank you.

I have the same issue. But in my case there is some data that is actually missing.

In both of the filters data is missing.

How can I solve it?

Thanks a lot.

There are config settings in the kibana.yml file “kibana.autocompleteTimeout” and “kibana.autocompleteTerminateAfter”. You can increase the default values and restart Kibana, then the missing values should show up.

Thanks for the reply Jon. I've finally solve it.

What i just do was to unselect "Dynamic Options" option and set the number of options (Size) I wanted to show.

That solve the problem for me.

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