Control Visualization Option List sorting issue

I am trying to list all values of a number field in Control Visualization Option list. The numbers are not showing in a sorted order. I'm using v7.16. Can someone please suggest if there are any workarounds ? Thanks for your time !

Hi @Moni,

This Options List control is set up for Keyword typed fields, and I assume your Department field is mapped as Keyword. Sorting keyword fields numerically is currently not supported by the options list control. They are sorted alphabetically, which is why it looks strange.

We are currently working on a new version of Controls where we may add this feature. You can track our progress in this meta issue. I have added a comment about potentially adding a numeric sort option, although Elasticsearch would have to support it, ideally without the use of a scripted field.

In the meantime, if this field is truly numeric, I would suggest that you use the range slider control.


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Hi @devon.thomson thanks for your response and the info provided. I have dependent controls..i.e. on change of Department dropdown it should populate respective classes in Class dropdown. I think this will be difficult to achieve with range slider ? I am assuming user have to select both department and class individually as we cannot have a parent control with range slider.

Hi @Moni, yes that makes sense! I have opened an issue to ensure that the new version of Controls properly supports numeric fields in the Options List.

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