Convert Appsearch query to Elasticsearch query

I am using Appsearch/Enterprise search at the frontend, but I need some heavy processing / complex queries to be made at the backend for which I need more control. And as per my understanding appsearch is basically a wrapper around the Elasticsearch so there must be some criteria based on which appsearch query translates into Elasticsearch query and then it is executed on the respective index. So I want the actual Elasticsearch query whenever I make a particular query at the frontend.
Please help me out on this as I couldn't find any such thing in the documentation.

Hi @ammarhaider,

At present, directly querying the Elasticsearch Indexes that power App Search is not recommended or supported. You're correct that App Search is a type of wrapper around Elasticsearch, but that wrapper is not intended to remain consistent from version to version, so it is unwise to rely heavily on bypassing App Search's APIs, as you may then face breaking changes if you ever update.

We know this isn't ideal, and supporting direct Elasticsearch interactions with App Search data is on our roadmap, but as of 7.16.3, this is not supported.

What kind of "heavy processing / complex queries" are you hoping to do?