Power of ElasticSearch with the App Search UI?

We are looking at using Elasticsearch to power our E-commerce site search but also need a tool to allow our search admins to make changes like Curations and Synonyms. However the App search Search API is too simplistic and we want the power/flexibility of Elasticsearch with the App Search UI. We are able to achieve this by creating a standalone service that can talk to app search to pull things like Synonyms and Curations out of it and then apply those on top of the search we are sending into Elasticsearch.

I was wondering if there is a plan to try and bridge this divide e.g. Elasticsearch is too barebones from a search admin perspective but App Search is too simplistic for a search query perspective.

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Hey @sutty100 ,

Good question. Today (v7.16.3) there is no supported way to use App Search and Elasticsearch APIs on the same data. However, you're not the first to ask for this feature, and it is something we hope to offer one day. Stay posted! And if you have a support relationship with Elastic, don't hesitate to submit Enhancement Requests detailing your use case and the features you would like to see exposed, so that we can cover them in our plans.

In the mean time, be aware that Enterprise Search's underlying structures in Elasticsearch are not designed to be backwards compatible. If you begin using Elasticsearch APIs directly, you may find your application broken unexpectedly.

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