App search plugins/extensions

We are looking at using App search as a tool for our trading teams to manage and update search configuration on our E-commerce site. An issue we have is that of course there are features/ways of working etc that they have which do not align with App search. It would be great if there was a way to customise the app search UI/capabilities in some way. Rather we are having to build a companion application that sits alongside App search that enables some of the things they want to do and either then does these things using App Searches API's or interacts directly with Elasticsearch itself.

Is there anything on the app search roadmap (also is the roadmap published anywhere so we can take a look?) that focuses on customisation/extension of the tool?

hey @sutty100

If by "customising app search UI / capabilities" you're mean Search-ui, we are actively contributing to it. Please submit any new feature requests via issue tab on that project. Search-ui is really easy to customise and extend, see the documentation on the github page for more information.


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