Convert field string type to geo_point type

I need to convert a field string coordinates to geo_point type to visualize in kibana correctly.
I've tried to convert this field in the hive script, it's possible?

CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE hive_to_es_table
id string,
geo_coordinates string
STORED BY 'org.elasticsearch.hadoop.hive.EsStorageHandler'
TBLPROPERTIES('es.resource' = 'my_index/my_type',
'' = 'id',
'es.mapping.names' = 'geo_coordinates:@geo_point',
'es.nodes' = 'minode.corp');

I have not gotten it.
Can anybody help me?

Could you post your index mappings here? Normally geopoint issues are solved by updating mappings explicitly before a job auto-create's an index.

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