Converting String to Geo Point

Hi All,

I was able to get my data imported from JDBC into Elasticsearch and can query using Kibana.
However, the geo data is being imported as a string. Please could I get some help in converting it.

Below is a snapshot of my config:

translate {
field => "destination_airport_code"
dictionary_path => "geocord.yaml"
fallback => "unknown"
destination=> "airport"

mutate {

add_field => { "[origin_location][location]"=>"%{airport}"}	


My geocord.yaml file looks like:
"AYGA": "-6.081689,145.391881"
"AYMD": "-5.207083,145.7887"
"AYMH": "-5.826789,144.295861"
"AYNZ": "-6.569828,146.726242"

Thanks in advance

Adjust your index template so that the airport field is mapped as geo_point (there's an example in the default template). Also, make sure that the lat/lon string can be parsed as geo_point on the ES side. The documentation lists the supported formats.