Convert nanocore to percentage


Is there any way to convert "kubernetes.container.memory.usage" from nanocore to percentage? or any term little bigger than nanocore?

Need to convert this from nanocore to percentage?


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Hi @kanthimathi,

I understand you are talking about cpu (not memory), isn't it? In that case, what percentage are you interested on, % of the node CPU, % the limit for that Pod or something else?

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@exekias sorry, My bad. I was talking about kubernetes.container.CPU.limit.nanocores, Kubernetes.container.cpu.request.nanocore and kubernetes.container.cpu.usage.nanocore. Is there any way to convert it to percentage? or any terms higher than nanocore?

I just find an option here. But not sure how to convert and if this the right option to proceed too

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You can use bucket script aggregation to calculate the % from kubernetes.container.cpu.usage.nanocore / kubernetes.container.cpu.limit.nanocores.

I'm currently working on calculating this metric from Metricbeat, to make graphing easier for this case.


@exekias Can you please tell what is wrong with this? I tried the aggregation filter with both sum and max. But getting an output

The request for this panel failed. series_arithmetic script for reducer [9530aef0-0213-11e8-b222-4d1e40745993] must return a Number

I tried using gauge.



Never mind works now :smiley:

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