Convert to non-time-interval based index pattern

Hello Kibana community,

today I came across a problem in my ES-test-cluster.
I've got a few nodes running on version 2.4.0 equipped with Kibana 4.6.6.
In order to upgrade this cluster though, I need to convert the time-interval based index pattern to a non time-interval based one as this is deprecated in later versions of Kibana.
I have got hundreds of objects referencing the time-interval based index pattern, so to manually update these would be a pain. :sweat:

So, is there any recommended way to update my objects to a new index pattern?

Why? You can still use time-based indices in later versions, e.g. logstash-2018.08.26. It is just that Kibana no longer relies on the index name to determine which indices to query. In version 5.x Kibana uses the field stats API if I recall correctly, and more recently querying all indices has been made much more efficient in Elasticsearch, so Kibana no longer needs to do these extra steps.

Ok, I knew that but using an index pattern like [logstash-]YYYY.MM.DD is possible and wont cause any problems? By using logstash-* objects can't find their original pattern.

You see, Kibana 4 wont let me configure the pattern unless I use a wildcard.

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