Converting Mysql query to lucene query

Hi I have some queries in mysql which need to be incorporated in Kibana.
I Imported table data from MySql to Elasticsearch

select a.r_date, a.failed_aborted_job, b.expired_trigger_job from

(select DATE(currenttime) as r_date,count(*) as FAILED_ABORTED_JOB from samsungautomation.tbl_hybris_cronjob where customstatus="FAILED_ABORTED_JOB" group by DATE(currenttime) ) as a,

(select DATE(currenttime) as r_date,count(*) as EXPIRED_TRIGGER_JOB from samsungautomation.tbl_hybris_cronjob where customstatus="EXPIRED_TRIGGER_JOB" group by DATE(currenttime) ) as b

where a.r_date=b.r_date

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