Coordinate map loading gets slower with more data in the data set and more visualizations on the dashboard

We’re using Elastic and Kibana 6.1.0.

I have a simple Kibana dashboard with 2 visualizations - a coordinate map and a stacked bar graph.

The map take about 4 secs to load. If I remove the bar graph from the dashboard the map loads instantly (<1sec). If I filter the data to a smaller set, the map loads faster. If I add additional visualizations to the dashboard, loading of the map gets progressively slower.
I have checked the response times of the ES queries and they are fast (15-50mS), so it looks like it's something internal to Kibana.

(Attached is the network trace showing the map tile loading times when I have the bar graph included on the dashboard)

Here is the ES response - it took just 39ms:


If I add a filter to the data, the map tiles load pretty much instantly (less than 1 sec):

(Attached is the network trace showing the map tile loading times with filter added. )

The ES response:

<... snip ...>

It appears that loading of the tiles is somehow related to either the amount of data or visualizations in the dashboard. As mentioned above, I can’t see any issue with the ES queries (they are fast!), the problem just manifests itself in the loading of the map tiles. To me, it looks like it's something internal.

The issue is compounded when more visualizations are added and can take >20 seconds, rendering the dashboard almost unusable.

@thomasneirynck would you mind taking a look at this?

imho, this is likely related to a regression that is fixed here: This is available 6.2. Can you check if this issue still persists after upgrading?

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