Kibana is extremely slow (Loading graphs)

Hello everyone,

I'm encountering significant performance issues with my Kibana setup, and I'm seeking guidance to improve its responsiveness. I've attached images to provide insights into the current state of our cluster and configuration. To give some context, our ELK stack is running on a single cluster, and we're fetching data from Postgres every minute.

Current Challenges:

  1. Slow Dashboard Loading: Kibana dashboards are loading extremely slowly, impacting our ability to make real-time data-driven decisions.

  2. Attempts to Resolve: I've already taken several steps to address the issue, including:

    • Increasing heap size.
    • Removing replica shards.
    • Implementing the new labs concept to optimize dashboards.
  • Also implementing lazy loading in JS as i have used the dashboards as an iframe in my project

Seeking Help:

I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance from the community on what additional steps I can take to improve Kibana's performance. "I'm looking for a checklist of best practices and optimizations to ensure faster loading of dashboards."

Cluster Details:

  • Elasticsearch Version: 8.9.0
  • Kibana Version: 8.9.1

Additional Information:

If there's any other information needed to diagnose and resolve this issue, please let me know, and I'll provide it promptly.
Also while loading a single iframe almost 200 requests happen if there any way to reduce,also is it possible to load the kibana dashboard in 2 secs.


Hi @Saili_Bakalkar,

Thanks for raising the issue. Can you confirm if the slowness is only observed in the dashboard when running within the iframe? Or do you see a similar slowness in Kibana directly?

I think we need more information on what is causing the problem as it could be down to a long running query. Can you try either checking the slowlog or maybe APM to see what's going on with your dashboard, as per this blog?

Hey carly the kibana dashboard loads in like 1 or 1.5 secs ,its the issue when its embedded in an iframe,if the issue was a long running query it would have misbehaved in kibana as well.Also just wanted to confirm whats the min time a kibana dashboard can load within an iframe

Example for one index,what should i understand from this?

Hi @Saili_Bakalkar,

From the above profile it looks like the query from that particular graph is coming back within ~4ms, with the majority of time on a ConstantScoreQuery. Which seems ok.

I'm surprised that you're seeing a significant overhead when embedding in an iframe. Have you taken a look at the network profile with Chrome Developer Tools to see what's going on and what steps are contributing to the delay?

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