Kibana running slowly

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing something in my test environment (1 master and 2 data nodes Elasticsearch, and 1machine with Logstash and Kibana, with enough resources for each node, v7.12 of the stack).
When I login into Kibana, and try to move between spaces or load dashboards, it's very slow performing, like it takes around 10-20s to load the results of a query.
Looking at Firefox's web console, it takes a lot of time fetching core.entry.js. In Google Chrome, the problem is still present, but somehow limited.

When i run queries to Elasticsearch directly from CLI or Postman, it's very fast, so this actually lets me think that the Elasticsearch nodes and the network are ok (they are on the same test network, with no restrictions in terms of bandwidth or policy).

Any suggestion to improve Kibana's performance?
Thank you for your help and answers!

Hi @Andrea_Bozzano ,

welcome to the Kibana community.

Would you mind sharing a HAR file that captures all that slow requests? Make sure to remove anything that may be security sensitive.
Also, is this happening only in one browser (i.e. Firefox) or in any browser?

The core.entry.js file is fetched the first time a space is loaded, and all subsequent dashboard loaded should not fetch it again. Also, when changing space, a full reload is requested, but the core.entry.js file should be picked up by the browser cache.

I just did a test on a 7.12 stack and the file was correctly cached after changing spaces. Also, the file is less than 100kb which should not take so long to load compared to other resources in a dashboard, like data fetching for multiple panels for instance.

Are you sure the kibana server is not delaying some requests for other reasons, like lookup fields for an input control or maybe running out of disk space on the elasticsearch node which may queue many requests

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