Reponse from Kibana 7.6.0 UI is very slow in Firefox Web Browser

I am working with 6.3.2 Elastic stack components. I created new Log Management based on Elastic Stack 7.6.0 and Kibana is very slow with comparison 6.3.2 version.

Server settings

On ES nodes isn't any load. Data takes up several MB. On server where Kibana is running is installed dedicated ES master node. There are 4 cores and 10 GB RAM on this server. When all services running there is still 5 GB of memory free and CPU is almost idle.

Web browsers

I found out that Kibana UI response is very slow only on Firefox Web browser. I am using 74.0 (64-bit) on Fedora 30. Binary was downloaded from official repository of Firefox.
In Google Chrome Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit) I haven't so problem like in Firefox but it is still very slow in comparison with Kibana v. 6.3.2.

What is slow?

All interactions with Kibana UI. Moving some visualizations is extremely slow and I have to wait e.g. 5 - 8 seconds when UI started to react for moving some elements in dashboard.
Switching between tabs (Discover, Visualization, Dashboard, etc.) takes 5 - 10 seconds.

Do you have any tips how to resolve this?

Omg! I thought it was just me seeing weird behaviour in Firefox.

I'm running 7.6.1 and seeing similar behaviour in Firefox (75.0) on Windows 10, yet Chrome looks to be fine.

I'm consistently seeing around 20 odd seconds for both "Blocked" and "Connecting".

Is anyone else seeing this?

Same thing happening here even with Chrome web browser:

Running in a dedicated Kubernets IBM cluster workpool with 3 times 4Vcpu 16GB RAM.
Any thoughts?


Upgrading kibana to 7.6.2 solved the slowness issue on my side. ( Firefox And Chrome ).
Hope it will help you guys.

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Thank you @eduriot, I'll try upgrade to version >= 7.6.2.

Hi @eduriot,
after upgrade to 7.6.2 it is much better. Still slower than 6.3.2, but faster than 7.6.0 :slight_smile:

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