Kibana is slow

my problem is that Kibana (v7.10, but also in previous versions) is very slow when a section is changed or reloaded. For example loading the log-in screen, changing to APM etc. takes each 5-10 seconds (changing inside APM from transaction to error tab is quick). Data queries to elasticsearch are quick, also when using the Python API, so that does not seem to be the problem. The slow loading consists of > 100 request, many take between 100-300ms which in sum takes very long. Most of the queries return json documents, in the developer tool it says that many requests were initiated by core.entry.js, also many by bootstrap.js (although those are very quick). Another long request goes to feeds.elastic, not sure what it does (also returns a json document). So my question is: is this normal or are there any hints that my configuration may be wrong?

Hi @stk1 ,

Would you mind sharing a HAR file that captures all that slow requests? Make sure to remove anything that may be security sensitive.

Also what is the machine spec you are running Kibana on? Do you use any type of proxies in front of Kibana? What distrib/OS you use exactly?


Thanks for answering. Kibana is running on a Ubuntu 18 VM (8GB RAM) along with Elasticsearch. The problem only is on Firefox, in Chrome Kibana loads much faster, which may because Chrome has no proxy set (Firefox has), so external requests like those to feeds.elastic fail.

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