Elasticsearch and Kibana in v7.6.2 are loading slowly


We found that Elasticsearch and Kibana in v7.6.2 are loading slowly.

It took us 2.52s to load a page completely. You can see the screenshot that Dynatrace Managed shows us.
Meanwhile, /index.light.css executed lots of times.

Kindly help us in resolving this issue.

Welcome! :smiley:

Do you have Monitoring enabled?


No, we don't have Monitoring enabled.

Do you have any monitoring of Elasticsearch in place?

We found it loading slowly at first, so we used Dynatrace Managed to monitor it.

Right, but does that monitor Elasticsearch directly? Things like heap/memory/disk/cpu use, query/index rates, shard/index count and sizes.

Hi Mark:
The hardware specification we use is CPU 4 Core, Ram 8G, No data contained.
We used ELK 6.2.4 version before, the page loading speed is much faster. The 7.6.2 version will spend more time waiting when loading the following screen.

Or has it been improved in 7.7.0? Thanks!


It's hard to say what's happening here as you have no insight into what the stack is actually doing.

@lynnlu @wei-ting
We are working on improving the loading and initialization time. There are some improvements in v7.7 and upcoming versions. I'd recommend you always to update Kibana to the latest version.
You can track our progress in https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/62263

Thank you for your support!
@Mikhail_Shustov @warkolm

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