My kibana instance has randomly slow performace

Hello All,

I am having an issue where my Kibana instance randomly will take long times to carry out actions, sometimes even fetching the list of spaces can take 20s. I have a 3 node ES cluster, and a single node hosting Kibana. I tried an entirely separate Kibana instance but it had no impact on the behavior of kibana. I went to the developer tools section of kibana and wrote a simple query to hit ES with and then timed it and sometimes it will complete in 20-50ms and other times it will take 9-20s. I then try that same query from curl against my ES cluster and I see that ES always completes the query in sub 100ms. I have tried altering the configuration of Kibana to point at each node in ES individually to see if it was a particular node that was causing the issue and that had no impact.

I did see this pattern in the metrics for kibana:

It seems suspicious to me that the memory seems to have that pattern. Anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Thank you!

Hi @nsimi, what Kibana version is this?
There is a known possible performance issue in 7.12.0 fixed in 7.12.1 Kibana 7.12.0 | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic. I am curious if you are hitting that one.

Hello Anton,

Yes I am on 7.12.0 for both es and Kibana. Would I just need to update Kibana to resolve this?

Anything else I should be aware of if I do that?

Thank you!

Yes, just upgrading would resolve this (if you indeed are being hit by this issue)

Alternatively, you could try a workaround for 7.12.0 described in the issue: [Search Sessions] Kibana fails to update or delete sessions in non-default space · Issue #96124 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hello Anton,

You suggestion to upgrade to 7.12.1 appears to have resolved my issue.

Thank you!

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