Coordinating Node Role in Data Ingestion

Can anybody please help me understand the role of coordinating node with respect to data ingestion.
I understand the role of the coordinating nodes in terms of search queries (the scatter and gather phases),
But what is the node's role in ingestion

If it's a coordinating only then it'd likely pass the request to a node that has the ingest role enabled.

Lets say Its a coordinating node only, and no ingest nodes available, data is directly coming from logstash,
say we are getting an ingestion request from logstash to a large index with say 10 shards, how does it play out. It would be helpful to understand with an example like how the documentation explains it with respect to search.

Thanks in advance.

I don't know sorry. I would imagine it'd respond with an error, you'd need to test it.

Assuming you are not using ingest pipelines it will act as a coordinator just as for searches. The bulk request will be split up so that the requests are sent to the appropriate primary shard. The results are then gathered and a response returned.

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