Coordinating nodes didn't help in mitigating 429s

I had a setup of 3 Elasticsearch (2 of them with roles data and master node, with each 6g memory, 1 master only node with 6g memory, discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes set to 2 in all three nodes), 2 Logstash nodes with 4g memory each, and 2 Kibana nodes. The Logstash nodes were pushing the data directly to the ES nodes. This was causing a lot of 429s.

Later, made as few changes according to the blog. I added 2 coordinating nodes (3g memory each) to the cluster, to which the Logstash nodes push the data.

But even with this change in setup I am getting 429s.

I am not sure if this will help but the CPU and Memory are heavily loaded only on the 2 data + master nodes and rest of the nodes (1 master only and 2 coordinating nodes) have barely any load on them.

Once requests have been parsed, most data is queued on the data nodes where the shards reside, so I am not surprised adding coordinating nodes did not help much. How many indices and shards do you have in the cluster? How many of these are you actively indexing into? What is the specification of your cluster?

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