Coordination Node Where I put them?

I have a doubt. The coordination node, I put at the entrance of the cluster (logstash sends it to the coordination node) or I put it behind the kibana (kibana points to the coordination node). I have 2 coordination nodes, I think I'll put one for Logstash and one for Kibana.

if I understand correctly
all logstash pipleline should send data directly to data node.

kibana runs on coordinating node. point to itself. which is coordinating node.

Sooooo If I have 5 machines for elastic, and 2 for kibana, I place the two coordination nodes on the two kibana machines and the other 5 I do = 1 total master, 2 data nodes with master (master eligi.) and 2 pure data nodes?

yes should work great.
1 master
2 master+data
2 data
2 kibana+coordinating master

Thanksss, but hahah one last question: If I change one of those data nodes to Ingest node (I dont have pipelines), just for the logstash send directly to this ingest node ?

I think in new design you have to have one ingest node. and if you don't have any ingest pipeline it won't be using any resources.

1 master
2 master+data
1 data
1 Ingest Node
2 kibana+coordinating master

There is 1 Logstash apart

If you are not going to use any pipeline in the ingest node, there is no need to have an exclusively node as ingest node.

Also, you have one node as master only, but the other two master eligible nodes in your cluster are also data nodes, I see no reason to have just one master only node in this scenario.

If during the election this master only node does not get elected as the master, it will be idle for the most of the time, you could use its resources better if it works as a data node too.

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