ELK architucture

I ask few time about Architecture but no input from community.
well after while now asking different questions but same topic

Can I setup multiple coordinating only server? will it help?

this is what I was thinking. Is this ok architecture?

4 data node
3 cluster master only
2 logstash only
3 coordinating only with kibana for load balance.

Whether coordinating only nodes will help or not depends on what you problem is. Since you have not provided any details I would recommend to test and see.

I have no problem. just setting up brand new cluster now.
existing one is working. but exacting that work load will increase.

Currently I have five node cluster, all five are master and data.
one of them is also logstash. and all of them running kibana as well.

I always recommend Kibana with a local coordinating node, whether you need 3 of them is unknown, have at least 2 for redundancy.

Thanks Rugen

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