Coordinator fails to retrieve cluster state when proxy role is not assigned

I would like to get help with how to diagnose below issue.

I have installed Coordinator node (Coordinator and Director) and Proxy node separately.
However, when I login to admin console , it looks like below.

It looks like the admin console API returns 500 internal server error.*/_search Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

Referencing the Topology plan , I have excluded the proxy on the coordinator node as below.

  • runner-Manager1 is the node which error is occurring.

Is there a log which I can look at to get more insight with the error?

Hi @YuWatanabe

This is a known issue with Alpha4 where the API server tries to connect to the backing Elasticsearch cluster using the proxy, and assumes the proxy always resides on the initial host (in your case it's runner-Manager1).
This issue will be resolved in the upcoming beta release.



Good to here. Thanks.

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