COPY - PASTE from KIBANA without "ROW" and "COLUMN" information

Hello everybody,
Has anyone encountered the following "issue" let's say?
I want to copy some info from Kibana, and when I paste it in my notebook for example, it copy-pastes the info with the "row and column" also.

It's kind of annoying when there is much info(100 lines or more) to copy and you have to erase "row and column multiple times"
This is how it appears:

EX: Top values of ....... Top values of ...... Count USER X - "column 1, row 1" IP -
Top values of IP, "column 2, row 1 "
Top values of ....... Top values of ...... Count USER Y - "column 3, row 1" IP -

Hi @Marian_Ovidiu_Pistol Welcome to the community!

Apologies I'm not following. Can you tell us where your copy and pasting from?

Is it Discover? Is it a dashboard? Is it from the dev tools?

Perhaps a screenshot would help.

Many of the features have a download button where you could download it CSV.

Please include the version and the type of visualization?

Hello again, sorry for the delay, and for not making myself clear.

"Can you tell us where your copy and pasting from?
Is it Discover? Is it a dashboard? "
I am copying from Discover, or Alerts, or a Dashboard, it's the same .
The exact actions are: I select with my mouse the text I want -> ctrl C +ctrl V -> copy the text to a notepad.
I will attach a screenshot, one from Discover, and one from Alerts, and one from a notepad.

It's not a big deal some would say, but for us it's important.

As you can see in the picture of my notepad, the actual words "column" and "row" keep appearing. The first picture is Kibana1, and the result is Kibana2

Thank you, if there are more details I can help with, please let me know

For Discover you can go to Share -> Generate CSV report then Down load it.

Exactly Which Alert view and Version is that is is the is it Security -> Alerts? What Version?

Thank you for the answer.
So I understand that generating a CSV report is the only way?

It's Version 8.4.3.

Yes Its the correct way...

What about the Alert section Whic Alert Screen is it the one under Security?

Is it not "Version 8.4.3." ?
The one under Security is "Dashboards", then "Alerts..."

There is not a simple CSV export for the security Alerts at this time.

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