I cannot (all of a sudden) paste text into vega editor or dev tools?

What is going on. I have been pasting text for months - all of a sudden I cannot.

Hi Michael,

Oh no! Can you give us a little more information?

  • What version of Kibana are you using?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • Does this happen in different browsers (Firefox, Chrome)?
  • Which operating system do you have (Mac, Windows, Linux)?


Thank you for responding – the paste issue was resolved when I brought up an existing instance of kibana that had been sitting in the background (??).

However, I have another pressing issue which I have put into the discussion stack –(
Kibana/Vega): “** Transform / Filter works with inline data - Does
not work with identical index data”**

So far I have had no responses – could you take a look – the text of the entry is below:

I am working with two versions of a Vega Detail/Overview (Area Chart) Visualization.
They both have the same dropdowns that are used to filter the data:

"signals": [

{ "name": "detailDomain" },

{ "name": "regionFilter", "value": "EMEA",

"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["AMER", "EMEA", "APAC"]} },

{ "name": "acctypeFilter", "value": "StrategyAccount",

"bind": {"input": "select", "options": ["StrategyAccount", "Strategy", "Account"]} }


The data source of the version where filtering works:"data": [


"name": "sp500",

"values": [






. etc, etc,

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