Correlate datasets with different time range

Hello, I need a bit of help to address the following problem.
I have two datasets:

  1. First dataset ranging over about 1 year
  2. Second dataset ranging over 24 hrs only: this dataset refers to events that can be considered the same every day of the year; in other words, hypothetically, the second dataset could be replicated for 365 days, however this dataset is great in size and I can’t do such thing.
    I need to know what is the correct way to index the second dataset (e.g. what timestamp use?) in order to be able to compare (e.g. timelion) it with a generic day of the first dataset.
    In other words, given for example a day of the year, I need to have the data from the first dataset and a “replica” of the second dataset.
    One solution could be to use a fake timestamp for the second dataset and manage it with temporal translation (offset) in timelion, but I’m not convinced that this is the smartest way to proceed…
    Thank you for any help/suggestion,

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