Couchdb changes, looses sync after long period of inactivity

I cant tell what is happening, but I have many couchdb inputs, and they have different frequency of changes.

It seems to me that if an index doesnt get _changes after a long period of time (many hours, 1h+), that particular input will stop updating, forcing me to restart logstash. The other inputs that are constantly getting _changes never have this issue, even in the same logstash instance.

Does the couchdb plugin need some kind of a keep-alive setting?

Has anyone experienced this? I am using LS1.5.

My current solution is to restart logstash hourly.

I am using, cloudant as my couchdb provider.

input {
  couchdb_changes {
    db => "dbname"
    host => ""
    sequence_path => "seq/path"
    type => "docType"
    port => 443
    secure => true
    username => ""
    password => ""

I know the default heartbeat should be keeping this thing active, but it doesnt seem like it.

Could the issue be the concurrent connections?

I wonder if this is a related issue: Logstash Lumberjack Input Stops Processing

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