Couchdb_Changes fetch posts multiple times

I have connected logstash to a coudant database using the couchdb_changes input plugin.

Everything works just fine, but after a while, logstash re-fetch some of the posts in the cloudant db. Over and over again causing a faulty data set.

My input-pipeline looks like this right now.

input {
 couchdb_changes {
   host => ""
   db => "xxxxx"
   username => "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
   password => "xxxxxxxxxxx"
   port => "443"
   secure => true
   keep_id => true
   keep_revision => true
   initial_sequence => 0
   sequence_path => "/home/xxxxx/Elastic/logstash/ada-kontroller-generic_counter.conf"
   codec => "json_lines"
   type => "ada-kontroller-generic"
   id => "ada-logging"

Any ideas of what's causing this?

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