Couchdb (cloudant) multi server, different SEQ value each _changes request handling?

I have couchdb running on cloudant with multiple servers, the question is when i go to the _changes endpoint i can see different seq values on each refresh because it's hitting a different server (for the same index). How does logstash handle the different SEQ numbers after I restart logstash? What happens if it connects and starts the SEQ with a server that it at a different SEQ value?

for example when I hit refresh on a _changes endpoint of an index, the SEQ number can changes from "41531112-g1AAAAI4eJzLYWBg....." to "59970121-g1AAAAI4eJzLYWBg4Mh....." depending on which couch-node it hits on the backend

I feel like this is an issue when I want to resume from the last SEQ before a logstash restart.

After some searching and testing. if you are using cloudant and you pass in the seq, on the backend it finds the right node to continue from if the seq value is valid.

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