Could a Master node work as a Coordinating only-role?

hey there,
I have an infrastructure composed by 3 MASTER + 3 DATA nodes and every client will communicate only with MASTER nodes.

  • are MASTER nodes acting as a Coordinating or not?
  • To relieve DATA nodes regarding resources consumption, could be an idea to introduce a Coordinating only-role node?
  • If I add a Coordinating, should my client contact it or still the MASTER?



See Node | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Every node is implicitly a coordinating node.

they are acting as a coodinator. But using master nodes is the wrong approach. If you have dedicated master nodes, try not to route any user traffic to those nodes, but use the data nodes instead.

If you want to offload them, you can creating nodes doing only coordination by not setting other roles. See Node | Elasticsearch Guide [7.13] | Elastic

Hope that answers your questions!


Hey, really clear.
Anyway, since my scenario is write/update oriented, is there any useful tip (regarding role configuration)?
I saw that using Coordinating only-role I am not able to relieve DATA resources consumption and I am already working on application's side to change some logical mechanisms.

If it is write oriented, just send the data to the data nodes and you should be good in the beginning. I would not go with a coordinating node, unless the additional operational complexity is justified.

Hope that helps. Not sure that clears up all your questions? :slight_smile:

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