Creating dedicated master nodes. How do we turn off coordinating responsibilities for master nodes?

Here it is stated that the master node should not be a coordinating node.

Dedicated master-eligible nodes only have the master role, allowing them to focus on managing the cluster. While master nodes can also behave as coordinating nodes and route search and indexing requests from clients to data nodes, it is better not to use dedicated master nodes for this purpose.

However, we then state that every node is implicitly a coordinating node, and suggest that cannot be disabled:

Every node is implicitly a coordinating node. This means that a node that has all three node.master , and node.ingest set to false will only act as a coordinating node, which cannot be disabled.

Is it possible to turn off coordinating node responsibilities? Or is it acceptable to have master nodes also be coordinating nodes?

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As docs said, I don't think coordinating responsibilities can be disabled . If you want prohibit user connect to master node, you can add a http proxy in front of cluster to limit user's access some dedicated master nodes.

Thanks! So basically, if we stop client access to the master nodes, they will not be able to perform any coordinating node functions?

Yes,responsibility of coordinating node is forward request to data nodes and reduce data nodes' data. If not access coordinating nodes, they will not receive request.

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