Count document in absolute time interval


I store some video information in ElasticSearch. And more particularly, the time (of the video) when a user begin to see the video and the time until he stop the video. Like in the next picture:

I would like to count how much user see the video on each second of this video. In the other world, i would like an output like this:

        time: 0,
        count: 100
    }, {
        time: 1,
        count: 70
    }, {
    }, {
        time: 360,
        count: 30

To make this we "just" must to see if "time" is between "start" and "start + view_time" and to have the total time we just must to make "max(start+view_time)".
I don't know if it's natively possible... Or if it exist something to have "view count" second per second.

Thanks to you,

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