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Do you know about any problems between Perl CPAN Lib for ES ( and the new ES7.8?

Last: Changes for version 6.80_1 - 2020-03-11
Updated API and XPack endpoints for Elasticsearch 6.8.7

Originaly writen for ES6.8 they allways need some time to upgrade on ES7.8. ES7.8 unfortunately will be the Version for cloud services in which we are interested in.

So - does anybody has experiance with CPAN ES vs. ES7.8? Or does anybody know about the CPAN module roadmap...

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There has been a change in project maintainer since version 6.0 and it took some time for the new maintainer to get up to speed, but he released version 6.8 this spring and a patch (6.81) just 4 days ago.

It is being worked on, as you can read in this Github pull request, but I haven't heard any release dates yet.

By the way, I am also waiting for a 7.x version of this CPAN API.

Thanks @Bernt_Rostad - good to know that things are in progress and good to hear, that there is someone out there waiting for it too :wink: Thanks @ezimuel for your job!

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