CPU usage alert reason is incorrect

I have configured email alerts if CPU usage is above or equals 80% for last 2 minutes. Below is the content configured in my alert:

{{alertName}} - {{context.group}} is in a state of {{context.alertState}}


I am getting email when CPU usage is above 80% but the content is not correct in mail. Below is example email:

Non-Prod Infra Alerts -Hostname is in a state of ALERT
Reason: CPU usage is less than a threshold of 80 (current value is 99.3%)

It should say CPU usage is more than a threshold.

Please suggest.

Hi @dyadav,

could you tell us which version of the Elastic Stack you're seeing this in? I am trying to reproduce it on my end.

It seems to be a known issue, which is tracked in Alert and Actions - context.reason shows wrong text · Issue #88585 · elastic/kibana · GitHub. Thanks for bringing it to our attention again! Since the fix looked trivial I created a PR for it at [Metrics UI] Fix metric threshold alert reason message for gte/lte comparator by weltenwort · Pull Request #114080 · elastic/kibana · GitHub.

This problem only seems to occur for the "less/greater or equal" case. Until the fix is merged and released you could try to work around it by using the "greater than" with a slightly smaller threshold (e.g. 79% instead of 80%).

:information_source: The fix has been merged and should hopefully be released in 7.15.1.

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Thank you so much Felix for the update. I have configured using the work around for now.

Will wait for it to be released in new version.