CPU Usage doesn't come for 100%

Hi -
We are tying to run the Metric beat on a Windows server for every 10 Millie seconds (0.01s). We wanted to know how much Metricbeat service would consume the CPU usage. We ran it for few hours and checked the CPU, shows as below:

But, the above over all percentage doesn't come for 100%, was wondering how did this happen. Could you please let me know, Thanks !

The elastic *beats are built with low resources in mind. Could you explain more the question you have?

Hi @JKhondhu:

We triggered Metricbeats for every 0.01 second (1 mille second), and got the average of CPU usage as above screenshot for 4 hours.

Usually, CPU over all usage adds up to 100% (system, user, idle) right? , but the over all CPU usage comes less than 80% when Metricbeats runs for every milli second? what could be the reason ?

Please let me know if am still unclear. Thanks !

Hi, I believe your understanding of the overall count being equal to 100% is actually not correct. Each will be out of its own 100%. Please see this Metricbeat system fields reference: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/metricbeat/current/exported-fields-system.html

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