Metricbeat odd CPU percentage values


i am pretty new to the beats family and i am using metricbeat in a small invironment with Graylog and Kibana. There is one maschine which inputs me very strange values for the following items. i added some real values which, in my optionion, cant be correct.

  • metricbeat_system_cpu_idle_pct: 2.9016
  • metricbeat_system_cpu_system_pct: 0.6281
  • metricbeat_system_cpu_total_pct: 1.0984
  • metricbeat_system_cpu_user_pct: 0.4703

all of my other maschines are reporting values below 1 which makes sense to me. The setup is exactly the same, metricbeat for windows feeding into graylog via Logstash.

Did i something wrong?

EDIT: dumb me, seems like it depend on how many cores the machine has. Now i just have to find out how to compare differend machine CPU values in kibana. Thank you :wink:

Note that as of Metricbeat 6.0, you can choose between percentages and normalized_percentages (or have them both):

yep, i found that out just shortly after writing my question. It wasnt that easy how to change the settings though. The metricbeats documentation about the cpu metrics is a bit confusing imo. thanks :slight_smile:

Yah, the docs need work. I've created an issue to track this here: Thanks!

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