CPU usage increases over time meticbeat on Windows 10

Any idea why CPU usage is steadily increasing over time? This graph shows a four hour period.


Here's how the metricbeat is configured:


#------------------------------- System Module -------------------------------
- module: system
    # CPU stats
    - cpu

    # System Load stats
    #- load

    # Per CPU core stats
    #- core

    # IO stats
    #- diskio

    # Per filesystem stats
    - filesystem

    # File system summary stats
    - fsstat

    # Memory stats
    - memory

    # Network stats
    - network

    # Per process stats
    - process

  enabled: true
  period: 60s
  processes: ['.*']

Hi @mdanner,

Thank you for reporting this, in order to find the issue we will need some more info:

What version of Metricbeat are you using?

Could you share the log output? I want to check if some errors are happening

Best regards

Hi @exekias,

I'm running Metricbeat 5.5.2. Sorry, the log has already rolled off. Oh well, it appears to have been a transient problem, as it hasn't cropped up again in over a week. But thanks for responding!

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Good to know!

let us know if it happens again, and try to gather as much info as possible, logs will help there!

Best regards

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