Cpu utilization visualization using metricbeat

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I have my CPU metrics coming up and have been visualizing them using the Visual blinder in time series, every thing seems fine but when today suddenly the CPU from one of the BOX went to 100% , i was unable to see the same on the graph, as it's showing a peak of 4 and it's not showing beyond


the panel options are as below

please help on this to capture 100 cpu utilization

Thanks in advance

(ruflin) #2

The reason it is 4 is because you probably have 4 cores on your machine so it's 400%.

If you want to make sure that it's capped at 100% you must used the normalised percentages: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/beats/metricbeat/current/metricbeat-metricset-system-cpu.html

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In addition to what @ruflin said, the Data Formatter should be percentage, not duration.

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thank you Champ @ruflin

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thank you Champ @rcowart

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