Metricbeat - how to see the usage of all CPU cores

Is it possible to monitor the usage of individual CPU cores on linux?
I need to monitor the usage of individual processor cores and compare them to running applications. None of the system.core options include percentage usage.

Hi @Kamil2

That is exactly what the core metric set does, but it's disabled by default because it creates a lot of telemetry.

Uncommented see the example at the bottom of the page and you should get telemetry statistics on each core

BTW What version are you using?

Hi @stephenb
I use metricbeat version 8.12.2

In this example, first I loaded both processor cores at 100%, and in the second one only one. The system.core.usr.pct field displays the average utilization of all cores. I would like to display each core separately on the graph. Is this possible and if so, how can it be done?