Create A Kibana Space All Users Automatically Have Access To


Is it possible using Kibana 7.6.1 and Elasticsearch 7.6.1 to create a Kibana Space that all users automatically have access to, without having to give permissions to specific Elasticsearch Roles to that space?
(My Role setup is dynamic, and there are a lot of groups so it would be great if I could do this without having to go through and give every role the permission)


Hi @devops_guy1,

When Security is enabled, a user has to have a role with the appropriate Kibana privileges to gain access to any Space.

Instead of editing each of your existing roles, you could set up an additional role that only grants privileges to the Space of your choice, but you'll still need to assign that role to each user.

If you are using an external identity provider, you can take advantage of Role Mappings to automate the process of assigning roles.

Hope that helps,

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