Create a max of 7 monitoring indices


I want to configure monitoring setting as such that only 7 days monitoring indices is created in my cluster in order to monitor for only 7 days and not more..

Also Is there a way that only 1 elasticsearch monitoring index is created once a week or month?? I dont dont want daily creation of monitoring index.

Hi Rakhshunda,

You can configure index lifecycle management (ILM) policies to automatically manage indices according to your performance, resiliency, and retention requirements. For example, you could use ILM to:

  • Spin up a new index when an index reaches a certain size or number of documents
    *** Create a new index each day, week, or month and archive previous ones**
  • Delete stale indices to enforce data retention standards


.monitoring indices is not maintaining any alias or template. so I cannot attach an ILM policy to .monitoring indices..

The .monitoring-* indices do indeed have templates, but they are System templates so they are hidden by default in the UI.

You do not need to attach any policy as one already exists.

It is called .monitoring-8-ilm-policy, you need to edit this policy to delete after 7 days.

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