Create a metric out of the last values from multiple log files

I need to find the current active threads in a system. The log files spit this information per log file, but as I am running multiple of them in parallel. There are multiple log files created each showing the active threads per file. In my case the actual number of threads is the sum of those values how to create a metric of that -

I am looking a metric that I can display in a dashboard that has the value of the "Sum" in the screenshot.

@Jospaul you could do it with Lens. So the steps are:

  • Create a metric in Lens and select the last value of the field you want

  • Then go to breakdown and add the top values and on the same panel select Sum on the collapse by

The metric is going to have the sum of the last values

Thanks @Stratoula_Kalafateli It's showing the expected value . Thanks much.

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