Metrics from structured logfile

I have an application which logs periodicly to a file like:

{"field1": 21, "field2": 45, "utctime": "2020-06-26 13:48:36,", "event": "test1"}
{"field1": 62, "field2": 15, "utctime": "2020-06-26 13:53:36,", "event": "test2"}
{"field1": 12, "field2": 14, "utctime": "2020-06-26 13:58:36,", "event": "test3"}

In Kibana i want a listview with the "latest" values for each host:

 hostname   field1   field2 
 hostname1    12         14   
 hostname2    24         34   

Do i have to write a metricbeat module for this
(seems much work for simple requirement like this)

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